Hladnikia (ENGLISH)


The journal Hladnikia publishes original scientific papers and field notes as well as other contributions (comments, reviews of the botanical literature, reports) from the field of botany. Most of the contributions have a taxonomic and/or floristic scope, but papers focused on vegetation ecology and plant sociology are also regularly published. The geographic scope includes Slovenia and neighbouring countries.

It is distributed to the members of Slovenian Botanical Society and to several institutions in Slovenia and abroad. It is also available on-line in pdf format, free of charge. Printed copies can be purchased by contacting the Editor-in-chief.

Instructions for authors (pdf)

Editorial board members:

Editor in chief:
Dr. Tinka Bačič (martina.bacic(at)bf.uni-lj.si)
Technical editor:
Dr. Tine Grebenc (Ljubljana, Slovenia; tine.grebenc(at)gozdis.si )

Dr. Igor Dakskobler (Ljubljana, Slovenia; igor.dakskobler(at)guest.arnes.si )
Dr. Andraž Čarni (Ljubljana, Slovenia; carni(at)alpha.zrc-sazu.si )
Peter Glasnović
dr. Sonja Škornik

Editorial members for New localities section: Andrej Martinčič (Bryophyta s. lat.),
Branka Trčak, dr. Simona Strgulc Krajšek, dr. Igor Dakskobler (Tracheophyta)

External editorial board members:
Dr. Božena Mitić (Zagreb, Croatia; bozena(at)botanic.hr )
Dr. Harald Niklfeld (Viena, Austria; arald.niklfeld(at)univie.ac.at )
Dr. Fabrizzio Martini (Trieste, Italy; martini(at)units.it )
Dr. Božo Frajman (Innsbruck, Austria; Bozo.Frajman(at)uibk.ac.at)

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